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maison flottante

RIVAGE offers high end floating lodges  offering all the comfort of a living room, separate bedrooms and a large terrace. The lodges are especially equipped with all amenities: kitchen, bathrooms, shower, solar electricity and hotwater, telecom and WIFI, and woodfire for the winter.


The proposed models of floating houses are adapted to the local architecture or customer desiderata, and can be contemporary or rustic.


RIVAGE offers also innovative and sustainable solutions in energy management, water supply and treating, which allow different positions on the water (on shore or distant).


Accommodations on water can be complemented by different floating spaces dedicated for landing stage and reception desk?  relaxation and well-being as floating terraces with spas, pools, solariums.


All our facilities on water have the floating establishment certificate for receiving the public and persons with reduced mobility, issued by the State services .


Our floating structures models are designed with natural or recyclable materials without leaving any environmental footprint.

Our floating lodges use renewable energy .

Effluent treatment is natural, no chemical products .

To provide quality services to the occupants of our different models of floating houses , we equip them with all the desirable levels of comfort.


Floating lodge model with large windows to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature

Characteristics :


  • Model of floating lodge for 2 to 4 people of 26 m² with terrace of 20 m².

  • Model of floating lodge designed for 2 persons with reduced mobility of  

      31 m² with terrace of 36 m².

  • Model of floating lodge of 4 to 6 people of 35 m² with terrace of 29 m².

  • Model of floating lodge for reception with jacuzzi and wellness area

  • of 41 m².


Model of floating house with large surfaces and beach deck . Nautical atmosphere .


  • Floating habitat model for 6 to 8 people of 32 m² with large terrace

      of 43 m² and upper deck terrace of 32 m².


Model of lodge on water, cozy space solo or with others.


  • Model of floating lodge for 2 to 4 people of 21 m² with terrace of 26 m².

Floating chalet style , with warm and functional loft and under slope .


  • Floating habitat model for 2 to 4 people of 23 m² with terrace of 29 m².



House model on water, traditional with spacious interior and exterior



  • Model of Floating house for 4 to 6 people of 38 m² with terrace of 70 m² and jacuzzi of 5 m².


New !

House in the trees

New !

Lodge Diapason 

on stillts

The lodges of RIVAGE whether they are floating, on stilts or in trees have everything to please, offering an original, peaceful living environment that makes you dream more than one .. They combine the pleasure of living on water or in the trees with the assets of a traditional cottage whatever the season: unusual setting, proximity to nature, large terrace, functional rooms, modern facilities for optimal comfort.

new lodges
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