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Between the water activities of yesterday and the holiday home , RIVAGE offers to find again the spirit of old sailing with its floating structures, taking into account the experience of building in wood and boating in sustainable urban planning concern.


This is the principle on which is based the company RIVAGE to develop a complete scalable system of floating constructions  in a decidedly environmental architecture providing both a guarantee of safety and all the desirable comfort levels.

Piscine flottante
Piscine flottante Serre-Ponçon
constructions flottantes
conception chalets flottants
chalets sur l'eau
concept constructions flottantes 03_edited
concept constructions flottantes 05_edited
concept constructions flottantes
maisons flottantes
maisons sur l'eau
concept constructions flottantes
concept constructions sur l'eau
conception constructions flottantes
conception structures flottantes
conception structures sur l'eau
concept plate-formes flottantes
" The recovery of aquatic areas of freshwater, lakes, ponds, through floating facilities. "
plan construction flottante
Easy assembly

Through constructive system based on geometrical modules it is possible to compose personalized floating structures.


All floating buildings design approach of RIVAGE is done in a sustainable manner to avoid any footprint on the natural environment:

  • no effluent discharched into the environment,

  • use of renewable energy,

  • extensive use of wood as a building material.

  • recycling of all building materials used.

  • easy assembly and disassembly,

  • moving the structures is possible at any time.

For security , all floating constructions RIVAGE have navigability certificate  issued by the institution floating state services .

RIVAGE , specialized in floating construction takes into account the recommendations of the " Tourism and Disability " in the design of floating houses models.

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